Scientific-historical seminar on the occasion of Afghanistan 's 85 th day of independence and the reign of King Amanullah

"Amanullah Khan - Champion of Afghanistan's sovereignty"

Location and address:
Bürgerhalle Hauptstrasse 50
51371 Leverkusen - Germany
Date: Saturday, 21 st of August, 2004, 2 o' clock pm

The association for the promotion of the Afghan culture organizes a seminar on the 21 st of August, 2004 about life and thoughts of a brilliant personality, King Amanullah and about the meaning of Amani period within Afghan history.

There will be presentations by Afghan writers, historians and scientist from all parts of the world as well as Afghanistan-experts that have already affirmed their participation. On this occasion, our association will publish round about ten new historical and scientific books.

Why has the association for the promotion of the Afghan culture decided to conduct this seminar at such a time?

In our opinion, the Amani period as well as King Amanullah himself has done a great service towards Afghan history and her promulgation.

Amanullah Khan is an Afghan ruler who is not only considered the Champion of Afghan independence, but is also the single leader in Afghan history, who has worked basically for the progress and a linkage of Afghanistan to the modern world.

He has achieved a lot in regard to industrialization, a civil society and a modern educational system. Furthermore, steps were taken towards democracy and women's rights. If those programs had been implemented until today, there would have been a lot of success in those affairs. This period offered a Constitution for the first time and many laws were passed.

We think that a research effort, especially on the reasons of the coup d'etat will help us to understand recent problems and will enable us to make plans and programs for the civil, democratic, and progressive challenges to come. Today, that Afghans once again, have started their journey towards the reign of law and social progress, we can learn some historical lessons from the Amani period.

We are looking forward to our country fellows' and Afghanistan 's friends' support and participation in this event.

Thank you very much
The chair ( Association for the promotion of the Afghan culture)

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Association for the promotion of the Afghan culture e.V.

The association for the promotion of the Afghan culture e.V. was set up on March 21st, 1998 by Afghan writers and intellectuals in the city of Cologne / Federal Republic of Germany. The purpose of this association is to work for Afghanistan's national and cultural evolution and to undertake cultural and scientific efforts in this regard. This association is independent and impartial and has no combinations to a political party or grouping. The association for the promotion of the Afghan culture e.V. carried out some important activities with the aid of it members, sympathizers and friends within a short time.

We have organized a number of seminars:

The other important activity of the association was the composition, printing and delivery of books. Those books were written by Afghan authors, scientists and writers. Other books in turn were translated. While our first books aimed at history books and poem volumes, we became conscious of the necessity of delivering scientific works and textbooks.
They are some books in our list that were particularly printed for the universities in Afghanistan and constitute a part of the curriculum. They were written by lecturers of the university Kabul and after we printed at the expense of the association they were handed out by our employees.
These books are processed, written, edited, layouted and printed () in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the biggest part of these books is then made available to the teaching institutions in Afghanistan.

The association intends to print books for all universities in Afghanistan in future.

The association also supported financially the scientific journal of the university Kabul and enabled its printing for a three years term (from the second up to the eleventh edition). In future we would like to support the journal of the "Afghan University" in Khost.

The following books appeared up to now:

1 Rivers die too -poetry- by Ishaq Nangial, 350 pages
2 torned collar - poetry- by Abdalwahab Sarter, 198 pages
3 The Pathans -history - by Sir Olaf Caroe, translated by General Sher Mohammad Karimi, 750 pages
4 cyclone in Afghanistan - history - by Ghaus Khaibari, 500 pages
5 foreign policy of Afghanistan to the half of the 20th century - politics - by Ludwig Ademik, translated by Dr. Nesar Ahmad Samad, 602 pages
6 what really happened in Afghanistan? - politics - by Soviet General Alexander Mayorow, translated by Dr. Daud Jonbesch, 410 pages
7 on the river's bank - poems - by Zraswand Shinwari, 124 pages
8 step by step with Khoshal - by Mohammad Asef Samim, 178 pages
9 broken stars - poetry- by Nasrullah Hafiz, 132 pages
10 Afghanistan in the 20th century - seminar documentation (see.above), different authors, 312 pages
11 bravery and misfortune of the Afghans - by the Soviet general Alexander Liachowski, translated by Mohibur Rehman, 525 pages
12 mirror of life of Prof. Rishtin - biography - by Lal Pacha Azmoon, 192 pages
13 Afghanistan - big gate to India, by Oskar von Niedermeier, translated by Khoshal Anzor, 135 pages
14 Pashtoon tribes and their family trees -ethnology- by Mohammad Masum Hotak, 98 pages 15mathematics - by Dr. Makhan Shinwari, 900 pages
16 the natural resources of Afghanistan geography- by M. Baschir Dudial (Kabul university), 210 pages 17 medical microbiology -science- DR. Dost M. Dost , 384 pages
18 the secret - literature -by Abdullah Paikar, 134 pages
19 strainful fleeing - novelette - by Arifa Omarlur, 160 pages
20 mountains here are not so high - short stories - by Mohammad Zarin Anzor, 136 pages
21 basics of the illnesses of the digestion tract and of accessory glands - medicine - Professor.Dr. Sherzad Yakubi, 412 pages
22 the population of Afghanistan in the 20th century - sociology - by Mohammad Hassan Sahak, 68 pages
23 basics of law - law - by Nasrullah Stanikzai -university Kabul, 70 pages
24 the sick person and Physiotherapy - medicine - by MD Aslam Wazir, 71 pages
25 Maiwand - memorial of the Afghan history - seminar documentation (see.above)- different authors, 400 pages
26 Kyros the cruel -poetry- by Prof. Abdal Shukur Rishad, 14 pages
27 the woman in Islam - theology - by Maulawi Hanifi, 130 pages
28 family life in Islam - theology - by Qazi Haqyar, 143 pages
29 Afghanistan - my last battle - by Soviet general Garijew, translated by Taher Kanni, 617 pages 30 man of honour - life and factory of Khoshal Khattak- by Zalmy Hewadmal, 333 pages
31 archeology - by Mohammad Rasul Bawari, 124 pages
32 phonology of the Pashto - linguistics - Kabul university, by Mohammad Khoishaki, 127 pages
33 the old house - literature - by Abdulwakil Shinwari, 106 pages
34 learning Pashto -for Afghan children - by Abdullah Amadsch, 119 pages
35 Afghan noblemen and the Moghul -history - by Dr. Rita Dschoschi, translated by General Shir Mohammad Karimi
36 traumatic orthopedics - medicine - by Dr. Abdulbassir Mangal, 350 pages
37 skin diseases - medicine - by Dr. Khademullah Kakakhel, translated by Dr. Said Akbari, 235 pages
38 basics of the philosophy of conscience - by George Neppler, translated by Professor Dr. Hassan Kakar, 170 pages
39 hopes - literature - from Gholam Hasrat Roghman, 106 pages
40 Afghanistan, politics and politician - by Viktor Korgon choose, translated by Mohibur Rehman, 254 pages
41 general chemistry - by Prof. Khabar Mohammad Mahmund, 284 pages
42 the decrees of the Court - by Dr. Shah Amorof, translated by Dr. Ghulam Mostafa Rasuli, 208 pages
43 childrens' diseases - medicine - by Dr. Turyali Nurzai, 62 pages
44 Infectious diseases - medicine - by Dr. Nasser Jabarkhel, 228 pages
45 Endoscopy of the digestive tract -medicine- by Dr. Mohammad Zarif Sharif, 200 pages

On account of our financial possibilities, the edition of these books remained limited up to now (from 500 to 2000 pieces). The edition would have to be raised in order to guarantee a supply for all of Afghanistan.
In addition, plenty of books are still on our list, which wait for printing.
Although we print books constantly, we always receive new inquiries and consequently, the list increases.

Postal address of the chairperson:

Verein zur Förderung der afghanischen Kultur e.V.
Postfach 85 05 17, 51030 Cologne


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